EchoPolis - Days of Sound festival and EchoPolis International Conference

"EchoPolis- Days of Sound" festival event

Objective: The EchoPolis - Days of Sound Event will target on the objective and use it as motto: "Re-invent emotions in the City, let's feel them, let's hear the city sounds" !

The EchoPolis Days of Sound major festival event is hosted by the french-hellenic and International SDMed Association which works for sustainable urban development in the Mediterranean and the Balkans and will be shared between June (19.20&21) and September-October (30.9, 1&2.10) 2013, in Athens.

The event "EchoPolis - Days of Sound" will focus on one of the most important senses: hearing, thus drawing attention to the sound quality of the urban environment and how, resources and tools can be used so that sounds, noises and music become design elements and factors of enrichment of sustainability in cities and neighborhoods. Relatively recently, the concepts of soundscape and sound design leave the research laboratories and invade the market, the world of professionals and the discourse between designers and all those involved in the application of sounad design in the city, architects, engineers, private companies of sound equipment and facilities.


EchoPolis International Conference - Sounds, noise and music for re-thinking sustainable city and econeighborhood

Important scientific part of the festival will be the EchoPolis International Conference. The conference will offer a platform for interdisciplinary dialog and presentations of innovative research and development in the field of integrating sound in sustainable building and city planning and design, covering a wide range of subjects from sonic geography, sonic ecology and soundscapes to the noise carthography, noise abatement and recent developments of sound design in general. “Echopolis International Conference” invites specialists from academic and research institutions, industry and public institutions worldwide to present their innovative work.

Date: 30th September - 2nd October 2013

Venue: EchoPolis International Conference, Athens, Greece.

Conference topics:

"Sounds, noise and music for re-thinking sustainable city and econeighborhood"

  • "Sonic Geography-Sonic Landscapes-Sonic Ecology"
  • "Sound and music in emotional architecture and emotional city"
  • "Sound design and eco-innovation in cities"
  • "Sound and Noise in sustainable cities and econeighborhoods"
  • "Sustainable abatement of noise by optimized combinations of natural and artificial means"
  • "Urban and rural quiet areas-Sound and noise Cartography-Strategic noise plans"
  • "Noise exposure and effects on health, Noise action plans,annoyance maps"
  • "Sound environment, Noise, Music,city attractiveness and sustainable tourism"
  • "Sound Heritage and soundscapes"
  • "Sound and Noise in transport infrastructure"
  • "Sound and Noise in sustainable buildings"
  • "Balancing energy performance, thermal insulation, acoustic comfort and air quality in buildings"

For more information, please visit the conference website: or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The “EchoPolis” Mediterranean Soundscape Award

Application Deadline: 10:00PM (CET) 30th July 2013

Awards Ceremony Venue: Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens

Awards Ceremony Date: 7.30 – 10.00PM 2nd October 2013

Submissions may be received for any activity, work or initiative in the field of urban soundscapes that was carried out up to 31st of December 2012.The organisers understand that this type of work takes time to design and implement and, most importantly, to review and measure impact.If the project or initiative you wish to submit has taken place in a past period, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Applications for this award must be submitted electronically following the instruction as set out in the webpage:

Shortlisted teams will be notified in September 2013 and invited to attend the EchoPolis Mediterranean Soundscape Awards Ceremony on 2nd October 2013, when the winners will be announced and the awards presented.


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