Organisation Framework

This Action will foster cross-breeding in an interdisciplinary and international community of research and practice, initially with 25 participants from 18 COST countries and 7 partners outside Europe including USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and China. The initial participants, who have been intensively involved in the development of this proposal, represent a wide range of disciplines and sectors including researchers from universities and national R&D institutions, architects, consultants, policy makers, and software developers. In addition, the research participants will bring with them a cohort of end users including planners/designers and policy makers at EU, national and regional levels.

This Action will provide a flexible framework open to any countries and participants. It will permit the inclusion, at the implementation stage, of disciplinary perspectives and activities not foreseen during the preparation of the proposal. The Action will encourage participation from unrepresented sectors and disciplines and early-career researchers in particular.

Organisation Framework

Organisation Framework

Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC) consists of up to 2 representatives from each participating COST country, including early-stage researchers. The MC will meet once or twice a year (see Timetable in Section F).

Management Committee Members List

Steering Group

A Steering Group (SG) within MC will be formed, consisting of the MC Coordinator (Chair) and the WG leaders. The SG will meet once a year, ensuring there is close communication between WGs. The Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) co-ordinator and the web-manager will also attend some SG meetings.

Working Groups

Five Working Groups (WG) will be formed (see Section D), each with a Leader, assisted by a WG Committee consisting of 4-8 MC members. Typically at least one early-stage researcher will site in each WG Committee. The activities (e.g. workshops) will normally be organised by the WG Committee, but designated experts could also be used if appropriate, therefore WG Committees could have short-term members/advisers. The WG will meet once a year.

Working Groups List

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